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Available Various battery solutions for solar system

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solar home system

 Battery Voltage     Battery Capacity               Total Energy
12v 100Ah 1280WH
12v 200Ah 2560WH
24v 100Ah 2560WH
24v 200Ah 5120WH
48v 50AH 2560WH
48V 100Ah 5120WH
Other model customizeable, battery also can be put in parallel for hight capacity

Solar home systems (SHS) are stand-alone photovoltaic systems that offer a cost-effective mode of supplying amenity power for lighting and appliances to remote off-grid and on-grid energy saving households. SHS can be used to meet a household’s energy demand fulfilling basic electric needs. SHS usually operate at a rated voltage of 12V/24v/48v direct current (DC) and provide power for low power DC appliances such as lights, radios and small TVs for about three to five hours a day. Furthermore they use appliances such as cables, switches, mounts, and structural parts and power conditioners / inverters, which change 12/ 24 V power to 110V/220V/230V/240VAC power for larger appliances.

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