Marine Yacht Batteries

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Deep cycle marine battery, waterproof yacht battery, deep cycle boat battery,marine boat battery

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 Battery Voltage     Battery Capacity               Total Energy
12v 100Ah 1280WH
12v 200Ah 2560WH
24v 100Ah 2560WH
24v 200Ah 5120WH
48v 50AH 2560WH
48V 100Ah 5120WH
Other model customizeable, battery also can be put in parallel for hight capacity

Based on the marine leisure experience, many clubs are committed to creating a marine ecosystem and private customized services that combine yachting, sailing, maritime sightseeing and micro-meal services, providing sorts of solution for friends gatherings, corporate gatherings, family sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, corporate business entertainment, etc.  Safest  battery has greatly support the power supply for the whole process. Within waterproof ABS case,Eco-friendly characteristic, lifepo4 battery  has been listed as the replacement for lead acid/AGM/Gel battery.

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