Notices and recommendations on insufficient capacity due to power restrictions in China

Author:admin Time:2021-9-26 1:30

Dear customers,

At present, as the current temperature in southern China continues to rise, South China is affected by factors such as power coal, natural gas and other energy prices, and the dual control of state and environmental protection. We are now in power restrictions.

Most factories can only “open two days and closed balance five days” in a week or even “open one day and closed balance six days ” in a week.


We will face following condition in next few months:

1>As northern China enters winter, it is expected that North China will also face power restrictions.


2>Lithium Valley factory currently has its own container ESSto supply power, production capacity will not be affected in the short term.

Lithium Valley ESS


However, many of our suppliers do not have this configuration, and Lithium Valley will certainly be affected by the shortage of materials, resulting in output limitations.


3>Some foreign countries will also face serious power shortage when entering winter.


4>Furthermore, a long period of limited capacity and shortage of materials due to power restrictions will certainly lead to the next round of material price increases, a situation that out of our control.


5>Production capacity will be even tighter in October as the Christmas season and New Year’s season begins.


Therefore, we suggest that customers who still have stocking needs this year plan as early as possible, otherwise we are afraid that the delivery time and price is difficult to be guaranteed.


The current crisis is the worst time for business, and the best time also.

Let us work together to make a breakthrough.


Shenzhen Lithium Valley Technology Co., Ltd

September 25, 2021



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