FAQ for LiFePO4 Battery Q17-Q21

Author:admin Time:2021-1-21 11:57

Q17: Can I use my charger to charge your battery?

R17: The charger needs to be able to adapt to the charging mode of the lithium battery. The charging of the lithium battery is CC-CV. The products we sell also have Lifepo4 chargers, which are compatible with our batteries.


Q18: Can we print our customized logo on the battery?

R18: We support customized labels to be printed with customer logos. If the order quantity exceeds 50, we can customize the label for free.


Q19:Can I appoint the forwarder?

R19: Yes, but our batteries are classifies into class 9 dangerous goods,please make sure your forwarder has the qualifications of transport good. Please report truthfully, we will try our best to help but not be responsible for the problem that might caused by the forwarder.


Q20: Can I customized the battery appearance?

R20: We support customized, metal shell can be customized according to the requirements


Q21:Are you guys have factory?

R21:Yes, we have factory located in Dongguan,which have 6,000 square meters and always welcome for you to come and visit.



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