Battery repair guide 1:The battery pack cannot be charged

Author:admin Time:2020-4-11 9:16

A. If it is a newly assembled battery pack, measuringthe voltage of each cell from the connecting pin between BMS and battery, and check whether the cable sequence is correct, or whether there is individual cable disconnected.

B.If the battery pack is abnormal after using for a period of time,check whether the screws are loose(the cable is crimped or screwed),or whether the socket connection between the cable and the protection board are loose. Also measure the voltage of each cell.( Some BMS do not support battery charge at 0V. Need each single cell above 1V so that it can be charged.)


  1. Hi Would you ask you lithium battery engineer if he can advise what it a problem with a battery 36v
    It’s a good battery not an old one on test fully charged reading 42v i put on my test bike only a 250watt motor, showing on the display fully charged runs okay for mile then shuts down and no power i unplug and plug it back in and ok again for about a mile. All connections are good
    on the same bike fit another battery and that will run without any issues. .

    1. Hi Dear,Is it Lithium NCM battery or LiFePO4 battery?It seems the battery BMS protect and shut down the power,does this status happen when hiking?
      You can also send me more information for checking even this battery not from us:)


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