Lithium Valley 500KWH 1MWH Energy Storage System

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Lithium Valley 500KWH 1MWH Energy Storage System

1.Scope of application
This system is suitable for the energy storage system ,it can be customized. The system is composed of multiple single batteries in series and parallel, and provides power for external equipment through a converter. The application of this energy storage system in the power grid mainly reflects In the following aspects:
1> Peak shaving and valley filling, by charging and storing energy during valley, and discharging energy during peak hours, reducing the electricity cost of enterprises or parks, and saving customers electricity costs

2>Demand response. When the short-term power consumption is greater than the capacity of the transformer, the energy storage system performs rapid discharge to meet the demand for electrical energy of the load.

3>Dynamic capacity increase, use energy storage equipment to replace the capacity of the voltage transformer at peak time, help users reduce the cost of transformer use, reduce transformer investment and expansion cycles, and conduct short-term power transactions on the power market trading platform in combination with load forecasts to maximize revenue.

4>Off-grid backup power supply provides uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads when the power is interrupted, reducing the economic loss caused by the sudden power failure of the load.

2.Overall system design
This energy storage system consists of a 30-foot energy storage system container with a planned design capacity of 500kW/1MWh. The energy storage system container includes energy storage system, battery management system, PCS, UPS, EMS, lighting, fire protection, HVAC and distribution Auxiliary components such as electric access system, reserved for installation
/Maintenance channel; access to the power grid system of the plant area through the feeder cabinet of the power distribution room to achieve peak shaving, valley filling, demand management, energy saving, load balancing, dynamic capacity increase, power factor improvement and other functions. The electrical topology of the energy storage system is as spec listed.


3.500kW energy storage converter parameters (for reference only)

Model LVPWS1-500K
DC parameters
DC voltage range 500~800V
Max. DC current 550A
Max. DC power 550kW
DC voltage accuracy ≤1
DC curret accuracy ≤1(rms)
Grid-connected charging method It can be charged and discharged with constant current and constant power, and supports three-stage charging (precharge equal charge→Floating charge)
Grid-connected parameters
Rated output power 500kW
Max. AC Power 5550kVA
Max. AC Voltage 380/400V
Grid voltage range ±15
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range ±2.5Hz
AC rated current 380A
AC Max current 400A
Output THDi ≤3
On-grid power factor -1~+1
AC off-grid parameters
AC off-grid voltage 400V
Adjustable range of AC voltage ±10
AC off-grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Off-grid output THDu ≤2
System parameters
The highest efficiency of the whole machine 97.3
cooling method Forced air cooling
noise 70dB
temperature range -20℃~50℃
Protection level IP20
altitude 3000M
Humidity range 0~95
Dimensions (height*width*thickness) 1200*2160*800
Weight 1100kg
Certification CE
communication method
Display touch screen
Host computer communication mode Modbus TCP/IP
Communication Interface Network port、RS485、CAN


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