Full List of BIS Certified 3.2V LFP Battery Cell

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BIS battery,LFP battery cell,solar battery

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Lithium Valley got BIS for both LFP cylindrical battery cell and prismatic cell,you can check with Lithium Valley sales to get the detail specification.

And here is the full list for your reference,main application is for solar storage,EV,RV,Marine,Camping car,ESS etc.

Cylindrical cell list,

Model Capacity Voltage
IFR10440 200mah 3.2v
IFR14250 280mah 3.2v
IFR14430 400mah 3.2v
IFR14500300 300mah 3.2v
IFR14500500 500mah 3.2v
IFR14500600 600mah 3.2v
IFR16340 400mah 3.2v
IFR18500600 600mah 3.2v
IFR185001000 1000mah 3.2v
IFR18650P1100 1100mah 3.2v
IFR186501200 1200mah 3.2v
IFR186501500 1500mah 3.2v
IFR226502000 2000mah 3.2v
IFR226502200 2200mah 3.2v
IFR26650P2500 2500mah 3.2v
IFR266502800 2800mah 3.2v
IFR266503000 3000mah 3.2v
IFR266503200 3200mah 3.2v
IFR266503500 3500mah 3.2v
IFR32650 5000mah 3.2v


Prismatic battery cell,

Model Capacity Voltage
LVB05 5AH 3.2V
LVB10 10AH 3.2V
LVB128 12.8AH 3.2V
LVB15 15AH 3.2V
LVB20 20AH 3.2V
LVB25 25AH 3.2V
LVB40 40AH 3.2V
LVB50 50AH 3.2V
LVB60 60AH 3.2V
LVB80 80AH 3.2V
LVB100 100AH 3.2V

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